Shipping fee

※We cannot delivery to abroad,now.




You have two options to ship, Cost or Speed?

    1. Standard delivery
      lower cost, takes longer time to delivery than "Quick"
    2. Quick delivery
      higher cost, takes shorter time to delivery than "standard" 

1. Standard delivery

Zone1 Zone2 Zone3 Zone4
Delivery days 6-12 days 8-12 days 6-10 days 8-10 days
Accessory 750 yen 850 yen 850 yen 900 yen
Clothes 1100 yen 1300 yen 1300 yen 1550 yen

2. Quick delivery

Zone1 Zone2 Zone3 Zone4
Delivery days 3-6days 4-6days 3-5days 4-5days
Accessory 1640 yen 2300 yen 2520 yen 2740 yen
Clothes 1640 yen 2300 yen 2520 yen 2740 yen


zone1= Asia
Zone2= Oceania/  North and Central America/ The Near and Middle East
Zone4=South America/ Africa

3. Domestic delivery in Japan

Zone1 Zone2 Zone3 Zone4 Zone5 Zone6
Delivery days 1-3days 1-2days 1-2days 1-2days 1-2days 2-3days
Accessory 1450 yen 960 yen 900 yen 1100 yen 1250 yen 1500 yen
Clothes 1700 yen 1250 yen 1200 yen 1350 yen 1500 yen 1800 yen


zone1= Hokkaido/ Kyusyu
Zone2=Tohoku/ kanto/ Tokai/ Shinetsu/Hokuriku
Zone3= Tokyo
Zone5=Chugoku/ Shikoku



  • Delivery days NOT including shipment to a deliverer.
    We ship within 3 business days to the deliverer. 
  • The number of days until the delivery varies depending on the transportation, customs clearance as well as the mail handling procedures and other factors in the country of destination.
  • Especially holiday season tends to be late
  • Accessory ( Earring, Ring, Nail )