【Popup store open】@keio Department Store shinjuku & Hikarie ShinQs shibuya



渋谷Hikarie ShinQs 5階 The Market Place


渋谷Hikarie ShinQsでは雑貨の販売をメインに行います。


京王百貨店新宿店 2階 ハーモニースペース横 催事場








The pop-up store in October. 

-tsumugi- We will hold a pop-up store in the Shibuya / Shinjuku area for the first time.


Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs 5th floor The Market Place

10/16 (Sat) -10/31 (Sun)

Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs mainly sells Kimono Accessories.

Earrings, neckless, bags and hair turbans, etc. 紬-tsumugi-A lot of new popular goods are in stock!


Keio Department Store Shinjuku 2nd floor, next to Harmony Space Exhibition space

10/21 (Thursday) -11/10 (Wednesday)

At Keio Department Store Shinjuku, we will start selling the popular relaxing gather dresses, as well as pre-order sales of leases that you definitely want to decorate your home on Christmas and New Year.

Although it is a reservation sale, please note that it will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis as the number is limited.


Lots of fun in October! All of them are one-of-a-kind items, so please take this opportunity to find your favorite one!