Kimono journey 1st

Today this column is started.
This column is why japanese are wearing Kimonos,when japanese wearing kimonos and so on... I'd like to convey what foreigners question.
First of all, I'll introduce myself.

My name is Mai. Mai is in chinese character 麻衣 means linen and   cloth. My mother likes fashion. so my name is 麻衣。
I'm of course Japanese,and I love JAPAN,because of my childhood. When I was child I lived in the U.S.,and I realized I was different from other children, like hair color, eyes,skins, everything was different. because  I'm JAPANESE.

Fortunately, I was lived in very small county, and my father is not care of other people, so I didn't care of racial discrimination, but according to my other friends, I was seen strangely after all.
So, I was such an insensitive person.
and then I came back to Japan, I'm  very surprised.
Nobody cares about Japanese culture and history!! They study  only school classes!!(except for at least friends)
My friends like the U.S.self(including, politics,music, and fashion)
So, I realized about myself! Me nether! I don't know about Japan and Japanese!! I started studying Japanese culture. because nobody taught me that.

Even then I  was interested in  Japanese old fashion, like Kimono.
Japanese have many kinds of Kimono, which fascinated me.And I wanted to know more and more.

This is how I encountered Kimono.
Next, Playback to 3years old.
Almost Japanese girls are wearing Kimonos for the first time.
I also wore,and  I remember well.

Every Thursday and Monday I'll write down this column for a while. So,see you on Next Monday!!

Thanks for reading.